African Expressive Culture Minor

Minor in African Expressive Culture

Our African Expressive Culture minor allows you to develop a deeper understanding of African societies, nations, ethnic groups, citizens, and their many contributions to world history and current events through the study of African expressive practices. This includes the visual arts, music and dance, theater and cinema, epics and oral traditions, and a large variety of other creative forms of communication such as religious and political activities and numerous types of sports and games.

Effective, punctuated expression—which is to say aesthetically designed and enacted communication—carries tremendous social weight across the continent of Africa, in every nation and every culture. It possesses this significance because aesthetic expression is sophisticated business in African societies, and citizens from every walk of life put much stock in its importance.

The minor allows you to take several courses across a spectrum of creativity—such as literature, music, and the visual arts—or concentrate courses in any one of those. You can also concentrate on a particular geographic region of the continent.

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