Director's Message

A message from our director

Dear African Studies Faculty, Students, and Alumni,

Welcome to the African Studies Program in the Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies.

In 2021 the African Studies Program at Indiana University is celebrating its 60th anniversary. Now more than ever, faculty and student research, teaching, and outreach are vital to the world in which we find ourselves marked by a pandemic and Black Lives Matters. Our faculty, students, and alumni are engaged in crucial work on these fronts. Throughout this time the program has sought to support our students near and far and we thank those who have contributed to our mission. Please consider a gift to the ASP’s IU Foundation account to support our international students and our broader mission.

We are a globally recognized, profoundly multidisciplinary program at Indiana University with international partnerships and exchanges. The scholarship, pedagogy, and outreach of our program has shaped the field of African Studies seeing beyond regional and disciplinary boundaries promoting engaged, collaborative research with Africa-based scholars and those in the Diasporas. The African Studies Program is a distinguished Department of Education Title VI National Resource Center (NRC) for Africa allowing the program to build on our strengths and extend them in new directions. The program continues to undertake initiatives beyond the NRC grant activities as well as engaging in an array of high-impact, high-profile activities. As a National Resource Center, African Studies faculty engage in social justice through collaborations with MSIs, HBCUs, and our colleagues based on the African continent. We see outreach as integral to our scholarship, whether it is study programs, expert affidavits for immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers, public-facing humanities work, or K-12 initiatives.

The African Studies Program supports research and teaching and learning at the highest caliber at all levels developing future expertise relating to the African continent in a global context, in relation to African experiences and African perspectives. The Program serves as a hub of expertise spanning the 54 countries on the continent and its Diasporas. African language study at Indiana University has a long tradition of excellence. We have developed a vibrant alumni network and serve as a valuable resource of expertise in and beyond the academy.

We also house the longest-running journal in African Studies, Africa Today, begun in 1954, which came to IU in 1999 and is published by Indiana University Press.

ASP has a full calendar of public and academic events to celebrate our 60th anniversary this academic year, and we welcome you to engage with us. Please check our News + Events on this site, as well as @iuasp on Instagram and FB. We also hope you will share your news with us!

Beth Buggenhagen
Director, African Studies Program