Multidisciplinary opportunities

African Studies is a multidisciplinary field that pairs well with any degree path. Our degrees help to open the door to a global perspective and 21st-century career opportunities.

In our program, you can learn about African languages, cultures, contemporary realities, and global African diasporas. You can also enrich your studies through study abroad experiences.

We offer three undergraduate minors and a certificate. You can also create your own Africa-focused, multidisciplinary bachelor’s degree in African Studies through the Individualized Major ProgramInternational Studies majors may opt for a regional focus on Africa.

Complement your major with a 1-year Masters in African Studies

Learning IsiZulu has been my favorite part of my undergrad experience. I love the language, my classmates, and my professor. Unlike any other language I have tried to learn, IsiZulu is taught in a way that makes it super accessible…I have also taken several African Studies courses over the past two years. These courses gave me the opportunity to become the first undergraduate outreach ambassador for the department. I love sharing the knowledge I have gained from these courses with others!

Sydney Pleak, O’Neill School major; African Languages minor; African Studies volunteer